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[IP] Re: Why high?

When Zach gets really high he often sweats.   His face will get
all flushed and his hair will start getting damp too.

As far as the high numbers...........gee look at all the stress
you are going through healthwise right now.    Stress can
do awful things to blood sugars.    An example of this is my
son and school.    Last year he had LOTS of problems with
two teachers and the two nurses.     It got so bad it made
him physically ill.     He'd stay home and we'd get his ailments
straightened out and his blood sugars would be normal.
The next morning we'd wake him and tell him he had to
return to school.    Upon arriving at school an hour after waking
with normal blood sugars his blood sugars would have doubled.
And then if he stayed at school they would double again and
be in the 400s by mid-morning.    But if I went and picked him
up,  did the normal correction,  and kept him at home he
would be totally normal within a few hours.    Stress is a killer
on his blood sugars.

Try to find a way to relax and destress yourself before your


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