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[IP] Airports Some Humer Retold.

Rather Long.
Five years ago I was returning from Boston (BOS) to San Francisco(SFO).  I had
my MM pump on my belt.  There were two security men on the gate. My wife was
checked by one and passed on through.  I got the second guard.  English was
not his first language.
The pump "through him". I started explaining and then I opened up the cover of
my pump.  He saw the syringe like reservoir.thing and he said "What is that?"
I was getting no where fast.  My wife 'Waits for no one' and had gone on.  I
pulled my shirt up to show the tube going from the syringe and pump into the
needle in my stomach.  He finally let me pass on in.
We got inside and I realized that I had not put the post cards we had bought
and addressed to our family and friends back home. Our next PO would be San
So I took the cards and had to go out side the terminal building to a mail
I came back in and had to be rechecked.  I went up and waited for the one I
had just passed through but he was checking some one else.  With that the
other guard called me over.
I started to explain to him "I have an insulin pump here.." and
He interrupted me and said
 " I have a MM 5xx.and pulled his coat back to show it.  What model number is
Charles Soderstrom DDS  T1 since 10/53 at age 19
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