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Re: [IP] IP "but im type 2"

> and he takes N, and humalog, and THINKS, he's "type two",  just because it
> was adult onset...

He could be a Type 2.
Not all insulin using Type 2's are LADA's.  (Latent Auto-immune Diaetes in
Type 2 is a progressive disease, each person  is different. They loose the
first insulin response, making their 2nd insulin response much higher.
There are many different types of Type 2.  Type 2 is not an auto-immune
disease as Type 1 is now considered.
Type 2 is most notable for its insulin resistance with high Bgs and high
insulin levels in the blood ,which requires more insulin then their body can
produce, thus shot or the pump.  A person's beta cells poop out.
Then there are those with insulin insufficiency that are not autoimmune. They
need exogenous insulin as the unknow factor which was inherited that makes
them a Type 2 is doing away with their beta cells.
There are other sub-types too.  :(  Linda K
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