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RE: [IP] IP "but im type 2"

len lutz <email @ redacted> wrote:

[snip] funny part was, this:
>"Oh... but im type two"...
>"but isnt that a syringe in your pocket, but i got it at 47"
>and he takes N, and humalog, and THINKS, he's "type two",  just because it 
>was adult onset...[snip]

 Unfortunately, that is the attitude that many, if not most T2's develop....Oh,
were not so bas as to need .....
 The thing is, if you are diabetic, and especially if you are already taking
insulin, pump therapy will be a big help in preventing those long term
 LOl, reminds me of my mom's complaint (and actually that of most adults and
society). My mother works as a teller for Well's Fargo, and often catches what
her customers 'share', when they come sniffling, coughing and sneezing to her
window saying, "oh, it's just a little cold" and a week later my mom comes down
with the flu. Type 2's have "just a little diabetes", not serious enough to test
more than once a day (week, whatever).
 I, myself, recall being told to test twice a day at random times. I followed
that advice for to long! I now equate that theory (random 2x day testing) to be
as accurate as taking a basketball, closing your eyes, spinning around and while
keeping your eyes closed, trying to throw a basketball through the hoop. T1 or
T2, education is the key.
Enough said,  Tina
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