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Re: [IP] my IP experiences as 3 US airports

As time passes i think that we will become more commonplace than we are
today. I was in a grocery
store last week, the butcher saw i was carrying something on my belt and
asked what it was.
One of the butchers was also wearing a pump.  

They'll get used to it.


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>I wish I had something interesting to report.  went through Newark NJ,
>GA, and Melbourne FL with absolutely no problem at security.  I said up front
>to the first security person at each "I'm carrying an insulin pump."  I did
>not have to show the insulin box with attached prescription to anyone.
>A corporate security guard in one of the cities asked about the stuff I was
>carrying on my belt (MM508 & OneTouch Ultra). I explained briefly and the
>guard asked me how I like the pump (greatest thing since sliced bread). The
>parents of young diabetic relative of the guard are looking into getting one
>One very minor travel problem: a No-Delivery alarm on the flight home, I
>caused by the seat belt
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