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[IP] Re: Diabetes and The Pill

Kelby, I figure that the guys/people who do not want to follow this topic
will delete it without reading it!

Yes, when I am on the pill, my overall BG levels go up

I am in the process of waiting for approval for a pump, so my answers
reflect that!!  I increase my long acting insulin by nearly 5 units (15%)
for the 3 weeks I am 'on', decrease by those 5 for the week off....or I have
a whopper of a low (actually about the second day 'off', I will have several
lows, if I forget!!

The good news, I had similar trouble (in reverse) when NOT taking them, and
it was less predictable so that was not so bad but

AND, here is the real kicker (for me):
the swings from the highest to the lowest is smaller on the pill than when I
was not on it (I would guess that the amt of decrease in the long acting
insulin would have been greater, had we discovered that pattern before I
started the pills:-)   )
Michelle Schlight
email @ redacted

----- Original Message -----

> I was curious if any women who have gone on the pill with diabetes have
> experienced any problems. I have heard that if you go on the pill it
> effects your blood sugars. Have women experienced this? You can reply to
> directly if you feel uncomfortable discussing this on the posting. Thanks
> much.
> Kelby
> email @ redacted
> dxd: 12/00
> clear paradigm
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