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[IP] Need help NOW - reply privately

This ol' timer needs HELP! I have not used disconnect SofSets cuz I didn't
my first 19 years of pumping. I have been given some and am in the process
of changing sites. I have ALWAYS held my tubing up to the light to see the
insulin come out before inserting the canula - I am holding this
disconnecting SS up to the light and see gravity dropping the insulin back.
I cannot get a drip out of the end of the canula. HELP! Should I not use
these and do it the way I've always done? What's the difference???

I presently have NO insulin going into me as I cannot get it to prime fully.

Please reply directly to me as I cannot wait on a digest to come. HOW can I
get the insulin to prime??????


Jhughey at core.com
(replace the at with @ and put it together for my addy.
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