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[IP] Re: Bolusing for Pizza/ Protein?

There is an article on this subject at Children with Diabetes web site, if you
enter Protein in the search you will get a nice article on the thoughts on
protein and BG. The fat in the protein is what complicates the issue as I
understand it.

I am trying to not use my extended bolus right now, as I am on a new pump and
the CDE asked me to let her fix my basals first.  But since we mostly eat
ethnic foods when we eat out, I am trying to experiment a little bit. The
other night after Mexican food I went down to 75, and then up only as high as
130 and woke up 100 the next day.  Last night I tried the same thing, and went
up a bit more, but still no 200's.

What I gather from most of you is you bolus for half, and take the other half
in two hours, or over two hours?  Can someone let me know?  My first pump
trainer totally ignored the feature of the pump, and my new one is just not
wanting me to eat too many fats right now (but it is just about impossible for
me to not eat at least one meal like this per week!).
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