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Re: [IP] Re: Bolusing for Pizza

Barbara, where did you get the info on carbs. I'm guessing the food comes
from a resturaunt
and is not prepared at home.

Whats been comfusing to me is that some replies talk about counting carbs
and also counting
fat carbs.

Could you explain your system.


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>> but the only food we have talked about in
>> reference to this is Mexican food or pizza.  I am wondering what other
>> do I need to use the extended bolus for
>We also use the extended bolus for Chinese Food.   Works
>well for Zach when he gets half the dose for the carbs at
>beginning of meal and the other half extended for two hours.
>We eat chinese food every Sunday night so its been tested
>for him a LOT!    Of course,  YMMV.
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