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Re: [IP] medco health - hot insulin again argg


Thanks Michael.  They are shipping it again overnight with a request for 
delivery before noon at their cost and they are eating the cost of the spoiled 
 insulin again. We've gone this route numerous times before. They credit us for
the spoiled insulin and we throw it out. Then they overnight it yada yada 
yada. I want the system changed.  I have the wherewithal to fight them, even 
 though I'm frustrated. This time they promised that if I'm not satisfied with
way it arrives next Tuesday, they'll override our requirement to get it 
 through Medco Health and make it possible for us to get it at our local
pharmacy at
the Medco managed care price.  That would be MOST satisfactory.

I also  worry about the people who don't know better and end up getting less 
than efficacious insulin....The system needs to be changed -  standards need 
to be set.

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