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[IP] why high?

 This past Monday I had a barium "swallow study", because for the past month
been choking fairly frequently when eating.  (It turned out that there is no
reason seen for the choking, other than too much acid reflux.)  However, since
Mon, I've rarely been able to get my b.s. down below 240, and that's pretty
scary.  I'm doing what I always do, same bolus rates, etc., but my blood sugars
remain high.

I'm having knee surgery on Mon, and I'm wondering if there's anything I need to
know to tell the docs.

 But mostly, I don't understand what's going on right now. My b.s. was 89 before
dinner (hooray,); then I had parmagian from the "Forbidden Foods" diabetic
cookbook.  I had 10 pieces of lettuce, and 3 no wheat, no gluten shortbread
cookies.   A cup of tea with creamer, which I always bolus at 1.3, even though
the listed carbs are only 7 c.  Cookies were 15 carbs.  I bolused one unit for
 the parm, 3 units for the cookies, and then the 1.3 for the tea with creamer. I
just took my b.s., three hours after the last bolus, and it was 484!!!!!!!!!! 
What is going on, does anyone know?  And does anyone else sweat when their
sugars get high?  This is new for me, I usually just sweat when my b.s. is low.

 (I will see a CDE shortly.) But this is scary and I"m hoping someone can advise
as to what the physical process is that is going on now.

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