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Re: [IP] medco health - hot insulin again argg

> Once again, we received hot insulin.  Today I was told that Medco
> Health bases their packing and shipping of insulin on the
> temperature of the location FROM where it's sent.  They packed 9
> bottles of Humalog in Columbus, Ohio , on Wednesday, to go to south
> Florida by putting a frozen gel pack butt up against the 9 bottles
> of Humalog that were in a thin ziplock baggy and stuck it in a
> spongy foam envelope and shipped it TWO DAY AIR UPS.  The hot
> insulin arrived Friday in southeast Florida at 12:45 p.m.    

The easy way to fix the problem is the ship it back to them as 
damaged goods. Letm' know that if it arrives overheated then they 
will get it returned again. It is their obligation to get it to you 
in usable condition. I've already had that discussion with my 
insurance company and when it's hot, it arrives overnight and they 
pick up the tab. That said, the argument is not with Medco which is 
just a third party fullfilment organization. The argument is with 
your insurance carrier. They force you to use the fullfilment 
organization and it is THEIR obligation to see that their choice of 
vendors supplies quality service. Call "pharmacy relations" at your 
insurance company. Don't let them shunt you off to Medco. Explain the 
problem and what you intend to do about it. i.e. ship back damaged 
goods. It is your insurance company's responsibility to LIVE UP TO 
their contractual obligations to supply you with your diabetes 
supplies in GOOD CONDITION. Failure to do so constitutes breech of 
contract and could subject them to sanction from the state insurance 
regulators. This is the context in which you must frame your 
complaint. If you do so, they will argue (of course), but basically 
they don't have a leg to stand on. What it costs them is not your 
problem. Typically they will ask if you want it shipped overnight at 
your expense. Your response should be that you don't care how they 
ship it, it is there job to deliver the goods in good condition at 
THEIR expense per your contract of insurance.

> 1.  Did the frozen gel pack freeze the insulin before it defrosted?

No, it won't freeze the insulin.

> 2.  Who's brilliant plan was it to base the shipping decision on the
> location from where it's shipped and give no consideration to the
> destination?  Even IF it was only 80 degrees in Columbus, Ohio, how
> hot is it inside those UPS trucks?

It's not a plan, it is cost containment and has nothing whatever to 
do with whether or not the items are perishable.

Yeah, I know -- pretty stupid. The solution it to make it cost more 
not to do it right.

Shipping back several hundred dollars worth of insulin will get their 

> 3.  Can you imagine how hot it is inside unairconditioned dark brown
> UPS trucks in South Florida where the outside temperature is 96
> degrees at best?  
> shipping insulin safely across the country?

You can.

> Of course I'm now throwing away those 9 bottles of Humalog - but
> what a 
>  waste! 

DON'T throw them away. :-)   Ask for a call tag. Make them EAT them. 
Otherwise nothing will change.

I've dealt with exactly this problem with both Merck Medco and 
Express Scripts. They both did the same thing and both got the same 
response from me. Trust me, it will work.

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