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Re: [IP] Re: Square for Fattening foods

> >Do we have someone who reads this e-mail that has extensive knowledge on
> >how we should handle
> >fat vs carbs before we all get in trouble.

For most foods this is not a big concern. There are a few, however, 
that cause difficulty for almost everyone. Pizza, mac & cheese, and 
chinese come to mind immediately.

Pizza from a pizza parlor contains an enormous amount of both fat and 
protein. The fat slows down digestion and the protein digest slowly 
over the next 4-5 hours and releases glucose as it's digestion 
product (among others). Freezer pizza (from the supermarket), on the 
other hand, contains far less fat an protein and behaves very 
differently. mac & cheese and chinese can behave in a similar manner. 
Each requiring additional insulin over time or the use of a square or 
split bolus.

There is no standard way to handle any of these. You must use trial 
and error for each food type and for each source of the food since 
there are no standards for preparation. It's not as bad as it sounds. 
One or two meals with good bg testing afterwards will provide you 
with the information necessary to adjust the bolus amount and 
duration. Test every hour or two for 5-6 hours after one of these 
'events' and you will have the data you need.

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