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[IP] medco health - hot insulin again argg

Once again, we received hot insulin.  Today I was told that Medco Health 
bases their packing and shipping of insulin on the temperature of the location 
FROM where it's sent.  They packed 9 bottles of Humalog in Columbus, Ohio , on 
Wednesday, to go to south Florida by putting a frozen gel pack butt up against 
the 9 bottles of Humalog that were in a thin ziplock baggy and stuck it in a 
spongy foam envelope and shipped it TWO DAY AIR UPS.  The hot insulin arrived 
Friday in southeast Florida at 12:45 p.m.    

1.  Did the frozen gel pack freeze the insulin before it defrosted?

2.  Who's brilliant plan was it to base the shipping decision on the location 
from where it's shipped and give no consideration to the destination?  Even 
IF it was only 80 degrees in Columbus, Ohio, how hot is it inside those UPS 

3.  Can you imagine how hot it is inside unairconditioned dark brown UPS 
trucks in South Florida where the outside temperature is 96 degrees at best?  

IS THERE ANYONE HERE FROM MEDCO HEALTH who can change their SOP for shipping 
insulin safely across the country?

Of course I'm now throwing away those 9 bottles of Humalog - but what a 
 waste! Hopefully they'll get it right next time...I've been down this road
over and over and over again with them. I'm very sorry that large companies 
 have switched to Medco Health with our loved ones' life sustaining prescription

Maybe the New York Times would like to do a little investigative 
reporting...any reporters here? :-)

Very sincerely yours,
Ellen H. Ullman ;
Mom, Advocate for children who have diabetes and their parents, Friend, 
Webmaster..  <A HREF="http://www.kidsrpumping.com/">Kids R Pumping</A> 
Please support funding a cure for diabetes: Diabetes Research Institute in 
Miami, Florida:  <A HREF="http://www.drinet.org">http://www.drinet.org</A>

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