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Re: [IP] free BD logic meter-- NOT....

This might not be true.  If you want one call up MM and ask them and see
what they tell you.  My son and both have Paradigm pumps.

I called them up and was told that I could not have a free meter because
of the kind of insurance that I have.  My insurance will not allow me to
purchase my meter strips from MM, and so they will not send me the free

However, my son, who is an adult with a real job, has his own insurance
and he was sent one of the meters because his insurance allows him to
purchase his strips thru MM.  He does not purchase them from MM, but he
could if he wanted to.  We both live in the same household in the
 suburbs of Detroit. So, it doesn't necessarily matter where you live but what
kind of
insurance you have, according to what they told me the day I called.  Of
course, you might get a difference answer than I did. 

If you want one, call and see what they say.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> if you live in Michigan, MA, MN, Mississippi, or RI! 
 > I'm pretty bummed because I surely wanted the BD logic meter :( but surely am
> not going to pay for one!!!!!!!!!
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