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[IP] Re: Remotes

I have found the remote to be great. When I am out to dinner I change the
alert to vibrate mode, when I need to bolus, I go ahead and do the remote,
count the number of vibrations then the pump confirms back with the same
amount of vibrations that you entered and then press act.When it does
giving me my bolus there is a final vibration confirming to me that the
bolus has been delivered. The people that you are dining with are not even
aware that you are delivering insulin.
Also very useful during the weekly power lunch meetings that we have at my
Just a thought, try the vibrate mode with the remote.
As far as the remote with small children etc. goes. If they can figure the
sequence of button pushes out to deliver the bolus then they are old enough
to know they shouldn't be touching it.

Michael Chambers

Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 04:29:10 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] remotes

Never took it out of the box. It came with my pump FREE!!!! Do not
that one(99.00). I will never use it. I do not trust it either. I wouldn't
use it when I was out , not knowing if i got the chimes right, would ruin
night. Also was afraid of leaving it in the house with small children.
Good Luck
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