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[IP] Carb counting

I've just been a "reader" on this site until now, and I fear a groundswell of
rebuke for this posting, BUT...
Recently I read Diabetes Solution by Dr. Richard Bernstein and decided to try
it. I've been a pumper, MM508, for almost 3 years. The first few days were
hard because I had to learn to bolus for protein which does convert to glucose
eventually but at a MUCH slower rate.
To make a long story short, I dropped from 32 units to 18 units per day, but I
had to reduce my basals and count carbs on my old ratios, which vary by meal,
AND protein at 1/2 unit of insulin per ounce of protein; AND I used the dual
wave bolus, so that I bolused the insulin for the carbs immediately, and the
insulin for the protein over a 1 1/2 hour period. It has worked beautifully
for me, my average bgs are 107 for a 14 day period.
As we say here this is not for everyone, and YMMV. But the book never told me
to bolus for fat.

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