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[IP] remotes


I know there are people that use them daily but I am one of the ones that
has YET to use it the first time.  Mine was included in the pump-package and
I did not pay for it.  I do carry it with my diabetes bag but I turned the
RF option off from my pump to save on the pump's battery life.  

The more important question is, do you have occasions where you think you
would need/want the remote?  I mean, you are an experience pumper now, did
you find occasions in the last 5 years that you wish you had the remote? The
good thing is that you can think about it you could always order it later.
I would think you have the option to purchase it now or later.  

I thought I would use it for formal occasions (long ball dresses) but I have
to sadly admit that these occasions are few and far in-between (I wish they
were more often but with this economy fewer people are throwing big parties
these days.)  The times I have gone to one after pumping, I just excuse
myself and pull my pump out gave the bolus and came right back.  Since I had
not practice with the remote, I did not think a party was the time to start!
When I wear day dresses, I put in my bra and just pull it out to bolus.

I know one day I would use it and I might then think is the best thing after
sliced bread.  I do like knowing that I can do it if I want to but probably
would have not paid the $99.  

I hope some of the remote users will post too so you can get a good sample
of all experiences.  This is a typical YMMV option.

Eloisa and Libertad (MM's 511 Paradigm)
Dx'd 2/11/02 pumping 6/02

Lynn Gerber <email @ redacted> wrote:
...I have never had a pump with a remote so I am turning
to our knowledgeable group of pumpers who have remotes to find out if
you use it and like it.  Thanks for your help. Lynn G.
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