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[IP] Low Blood Sugars

Becky Fischer <email @ redacted>

 I have been an insulin dependent diabetec for over 31 years! To date no
complications have occured and I wish to keep it this way. I am constantly
battling low blood sugars, while adjusting my insulin intake at the same
Even .5 can send it down or up, depending on the day. I would like to be
able to
make it through a day, perhaps even a week with no lows! What a relief that
would be. From what I have found out the insulin pump may be able to help
me. I
am now researching the pros and cons of going on the pump and hope to gain
information by signing up to the mail lists provided here. My current doctor
3 plus years has never mentioned my going on the pump. Another doctor I see,
chiropractor, has a son who recently went on it and is doing so much better.
he can handle it, surely I can.


Becky Fischer
Dallas, TX.  


 Although I have only been pumping less than a month . . . it has been a great
experience for me. I wish I would have done this years ago. It is great to not
wake up in the middle of the night EVERY night having to treats low blood
sugars. I used to experience lows during the day and always at night. Since
starting on the pump, I have not had one experience with low blood sugars. It is
so nice to be "more normal" than I was on insulin injections of Lantus and

Kerry A. Guidry, Lafayette, Louisiana
Diagnosed January 1989/Pumping June 2003
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