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[IP] Remotes

I have used a minimed 507C for the last 5 years.  There is no remote
with that model.  I will be upgrading to the paradigm 512 soon, but
there is a separate charge for a remote of $99.00 that insurance
won't cover.  I have never had a pump with a remote so I am turning
to our knowledgeable group of pumpers who have remotes to find out if
you use it and like it.  Thanks for your help. Lynn G.


 I use my remote on a daily basis. I started pumping about 3 weeks ago and wear
it mostly in my bra where no one can see it. The remote works GREAT and I can
bolus at my desk without anyone knowing anything. It is in increments of .5
units per button push and you can suspend also from the remote.

Good luck to ya!

Kerry A. Guidry
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