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RE: [IP] Re: bolusing for pizza

Possibly you need to take another look at your insulin to carb ratio Laura.
It sounds as if you usually take too much insulin for what you're eating. As
an example, instead of a ratio of 1:10, maybe you need 1:13 or whatever.


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OK, this is my big problem (I think.)  I have a huge problem with counting
carbs and then going completely low right after the bolus.  I assume this is
further complicated by fats, but the only food we have talked about in
reference to this is Mexican food or pizza.  I am wondering what other foods
do I need to use the extended bolus for, and will it help some of this
over-shooting (pardon the pun.......much more a pun in the old injection
from Laura, whose new Animas pump was approved just today..........
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