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[IP] Re: Dual Wave vs.Square Wave Functions

I recently attended an advanced pumping class given by a MiniMed rep. She 
 recommended that pump users use the dual wave function for any meals containing
carbs, protein and/or fat, i.e., most meals as far as I'm concerned. She 
 suggested dividing the total carb count for a meal in half, giving the first
half in
a normal bolus then the second half spread out over 2-3 hours. You would need 
to test to see which time spread works for you. Giving boluses in this manner 
most mimics the way islets cells release insulin in response to a meal. She 
said the square wave function was pretty much useless and to only use the 
normal ( for carbs only) and dual wave functions (for meals containing a 
combination of the three food groups).

In addition, she said this fall's release of the new paradigm pump which 
 communicates with a BD glucose meter by radio waves is the first concrete step
a closed-loop system. She anticipated an implanted pump/meter combo within 4 
years. Any thoughts on either of these?

KAMcCord, Bay Area
Type 1: 31 years, Pumping MM 508: 2.5 years 
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