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Re: [IP] remotes

> won't cover.  I have never had a pump with a remote so I am turning
> to our knowledgeable group of pumpers who have remotes to find out if
> you use it and like it.  Thanks for your help. Lynn G.

I've used a MM  508 for the past 2 1/2 years. For a while I use to carry the
remote with me all the time. But I rarely, if ever used it. The issue was
that I really liked to see what the pump was doing rather than just hear it.
In the cases where I thought I would use it because I wanted to be discrete
(i.e.. on job interviews) I found it much more useful to go to the Men's
room and bolus there.

Now the only time I carry/use the remote is when I am swimming and don't
want to open the watertight sports case that I have the 508 in. If my pump
was watertight and I did not need to seal it in a case then I would not use
the remote.

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