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[IP] Re: Fat bolus

In response to "Do we have someone who reads this e-mail that has extensive
knowledge on how we should handle fat vs carbs before we all get in trouble.
I would certainly appreciate it as there seems to be a few conflicting

As a pumper, Dietitian, CDE, Pump trainer I will try to make some sense.

Please be aware that there are many people on this list who can answer very
intelligently with much knowledge. BUT also keep in mind, that there will be
as many answers! WHY? Because we all respond a little differently to food,
activity and insulin; and there is no "Set in stone" ratio or even response
of fats to our body. Yes, fats may slow down the ABSORPTION of carbs but do
not "Turn" to sugar in a couple hours. YES, Protein MAY turn to sugar in
2-3,4 hours, depending on many variables.

Pumping is much trial and error on these sorts of things and we (Healthcare
providers) do our best to interpret the research and present to the client
as best we know how and to individualize to each person. SO, NEVER rely on
one person's experience to use for yourself. It MAY or May NOT work. Bottom
line--do what works for you and keep your doctor and educators informed!

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