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Re: [IP] remotes

I have the remote, and you have to learn the chimes in order to know whether 
or not you did it correctly.  I have tried it, and still end up pulling out 
the pump to check to see if it worked.  I just don't trust it.  And I have not 
 learned the chimes. But trust me, having it is nice, if you know how to use it
properly.  I was at dinner in a formal, and had the pump tucked away, and 
 tried using the remote,and I just could not figure it out, so there I was at
dinner table, pulling my dress up and handling my pump, I had it tucked in a 
 thigh thing, LOL. So, it's handy, if you know how to use, and I have it since
NOV 02, and tried it maybe 4 times.  And it cost $99 and ins. did not cover 
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