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Re: [IP] Re: Square for Fattening foods

Do we have someone who reads this e-mail that has extensive knowledge on
how we should handle
fat vs carbs before we all get in trouble.

I would certainly appreciate it as there seems to be a few conflicting

thanks in advance,


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>You shouldn't bolus additionally for fat.  Very little, if any, fat 
>will convert into carbs in the body.
>Often if people are bolusing for fat, they are, without realizing it, 
>bolusing for PROTEIN.  Protein CAN and DOES eventually break down into 
>carbs to a certain degree (based on many variables).  Foods that are 
>high in fat tend to be high in protein as well.  So, bolusing for 
>the "fat" probably means that they are bolusing for protein instead 
>without realizing it.
>Now, fat can slow down the digestion of carbs to begin with...so often 
>people will, for higher fat foods, use a SQUARE wave or extended bolus 
>so that the insulin enters the bloodstream closer to how the food does.
>You MAY need to given an additional bolus for protein content, 
>though...but, again, it depends on many factors.
>>So, if a cheeseburger has 40 g. carbs and 30 g. fat, I would bolus 
>>for the fat content?
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