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Re: [IP] Re: priming units

> I hate to disagree with Michael on this...but Michael is just plain
> wrong about this...at least for the Quicksets.   :-)
> The 41" (not 43"!) tubing, which I used for 8 months before
> switching to the 23" tubing...I never ONCE had to prime more than 15
> units to fill the tubing.  Now, perhaps other brands are designed
> differently???  But, if someone is really using a 41" tube on the
> Paradigm that takes 21 units, then there is something seriously
> wrong.

You may be thinking of "pump" priming. Generally the first prime is 
done manually. The tubing holds 1/2 unit per inch. There is no way to 
fill it unless you put in that much. You many not have to prime it 
that much with your pump, but the inslin is used none the less. 
Typically on Lily's 507, we prime the tube completely by hand and 
only use a 5 unit prime to tighten the drive arms and fill the 


> >The 43" tube holds 21+ units. The set itself another 0.6 -1 unit. 
> >Tightening the drive arms or plunger mechanism (pump dependent) take 
> >up to 5 units -- that's 27 right there. If the leur lock area is not 
> >full, that can be up to an additional 10, total 37. Want me to go on? 
> >:-)
> >
> >Michael
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