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[IP] Solution to shipping MM samples


The way I go about getting free shipping is to tie what I need with my next
shipment (of course this means you need to be a customer, which you are.)
Since these are not urgent items, you can ask them to through in the free
sils (or what ever) with your next 3-month shipment.  I did that for my clip
and did not have to pay for shipment.  I just paid for the clip and
actually, I think I did not end up paying for it either.  They billed me and
since I not used to paying MM, I forgot.  In the std. quarterly invoice
telling me they had charged my insurance for my infusion sets, IV Prep, etc.
they had included the clip and the insurance must have covered it. 

If you want, which I do NOT think it makes much sense since you have not
tried them yet, you can even order one (1) box from your quarterly order to
be different.  I did that once with the length of the tubing.  They said it
would not be a problem to do a 'mixed' shipment.

**For non MM customers:

If you are NOT a customer of MM, then you do not have a need for their
proprietary Paradigm infusion sets and you can get your sample FREE from all
other companies that give them out for free.   I am assuming they exists
since there is so much uproar about them charging (but for the record, I
would NOT pay the $30, I can understand why people do not want to pay it
either.  To me, $30 is a dinner for two and I would rather eat it than pay
FedEx for it:)  My understanding is that there are distributors that sell
their (MM's) infusion sets.  I would recommend you contact them and see if
they send them out for free to you.

**For people about to start pumping:

I hope those people making their mind up about which pumps and infusion sets
learn this lesson from us, the current pumpers.  Test all of the infusions
sets you are curios about when you meet with your pump rep.  Tell them in
advance that you want to try them ALL so they can bring them in when they
meet with you.  That is the IDEAL time to ask and test them all.  They want
your business, they usually have the samples on hand, and they can go ahead
and show you 'hands on' how to insert them correctly , etc.

**For all:

I do agree that, in general, MM gets a unreasonable amount of bashing for
little things.  I do agree that people should vent.  I surely do and that is
-in part- why we are here.  But, the level/harshness of 'bashing' is
generally, in my opinion, un-deserved.  YopinionMV

I have always had great service (as we all should expect from our pump
companies.)  They even sent me a new pump when I was 'unsure' about my
current one's watertightness (word?) although I had no proof of any problems
watertightness problems.  I never have to wait more than 1-2min and they are
always very helpful and friendly on the phone.  

I have been using the Paradigm for over a year now and have had no issues
with it.

I do think that since there are more MM pumps out there, the chances of
someone having issues with their products or service is greater.  It is just
a matter of math.  It is also true, that people tend to only vent the bad
stuff and the rest of the happy/delighted MM customer tend not to share
their positive experiences (again that is just human nature - we complain to
10 people about something bad but rarely tell even 1 when service is

Well, for those of you out there wanting samples, I hope you are able to get
them now.

Well, I think I am done now :o)
Stepping down from my proprietary - he, he - soap box

Eloisa and Libertad (MM's 511 Paradigm)
Dx'd 2/11/02 pumping since 6/02
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