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[IP] Re: Square for Fattening foods

You shouldn't bolus additionally for fat.  Very little, if any, fat 
will convert into carbs in the body.

Often if people are bolusing for fat, they are, without realizing it, 
bolusing for PROTEIN.  Protein CAN and DOES eventually break down into 
carbs to a certain degree (based on many variables).  Foods that are 
high in fat tend to be high in protein as well.  So, bolusing for 
the "fat" probably means that they are bolusing for protein instead 
without realizing it.

Now, fat can slow down the digestion of carbs to begin with...so often 
people will, for higher fat foods, use a SQUARE wave or extended bolus 
so that the insulin enters the bloodstream closer to how the food does.

You MAY need to given an additional bolus for protein content, 
though...but, again, it depends on many factors.


>So, if a cheeseburger has 40 g. carbs and 30 g. fat, I would bolus 
>for the fat content?
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