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[IP] Finally A Pump Start Date


 I have been on the MiniMed Paradigm pump since June 26 and am in love with it
already! It is so nice to not have to carry insulin and syringes everywhere I go
and to have much better blood sugars! I was so nervous and hesitant about
starting on it and now I wish I would have done it YEARS ago!!!!! I was all hung
up on people seeing it and where I was going to hide it and everything (ya know
. . being a woman and all) . I haven't had any problems with any of that.
However I did have to send my first pump back after a week, it was defective but
they Fed Ex'd one to me the very next day. I feel like I have regained control
over my life again instead of letting the diabetes run everything. I am sure the
long time pumpers are rolling their eyes and saying just wait . . but so far so
good! Thanks to all of you for all your wonderful posts and suggestions . . this
list has really been quite helpful!

Good luck and take care!
Kerry A. Guidry
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