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RE: [IP] Square for Fattening foods

 So, if a cheeseburger has 40 g. carbs and 30 g. fat, I would bolus additionally
for the fat content?

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  I recently saw a nutritionist who explained a lot to me about food.  She 
taught me how to figure out what bolus to give for fatty foods.  If you know 
the carb count and fat count, it becomes simple.  I tried McDonald's since the 
nutritional information is easily found and it worked!!  Figuring out the fat 
grams seems to be the hardest things now at different restaurants.

  Here is what she said.  You have a fat ratio, just like you have a carb 
 ratio. She went on to say that fat turns into glucose within 3 hours, where as
 carbs turn into glucose within 2 hours. So, use your carb ratio for the carbs,
then use your fat ratio and square that over 3 hours.  She told me your fat 
 ratio is usually close to your carb ratio. For example, mine is 1U:18g, so she
said to start with 1U:20g for the fat ratio.  Please talk to your doctor about 
this if you aren't comfortable and experiment, but be conservative(YMMV).  I 
still experiment on the conservative side with this knowledge, but it has 
  worked for me....By they way, she looked at me crazy when I told her people
take 1/2 now, 1/2 over a few hours - with no real details on how to really do 
it...I told her I hated the guessing game and this kind of gets rid of it.

Hope this helps!
 - Melissa
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