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Re: [IP] Re: priming units

 I THINK(yes occasionally I do think!) that the thing is that when you prime the
first bit of time is the pump pushing in the metal arm thingy till it hits the
reservior and when it does that it will give a little push and the tubing fills
up with some insulin before the pump actually starts to measure how much it is
giving - so I only prime in about 12 units for the 43" tubing but the pump may
very well have pushed in 3-4++ units so indeed the tubing may hold 21 units but
who knows and reall who cares??

Ya prime what you prime - no biggy!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> I hate to disagree with Michael on this...but Michael is just 
> plain 
> wrong about this...at least for the Quicksets.   :-)
> The 41" (not 43"!) tubing, which I used for 8 months before 
> switching 
> to the 23" tubing...I never ONCE had to prime more than 15 units 
> to 
> fill the tubing.  Now, perhaps other brands are designed 
> differently???  But, if someone is really using a 41" tube on the 
> Paradigm that takes 21 units, then there is something seriously wrong.
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