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Re: [IP] Minimed samples

I have no issue with people reporting their experiences.  But, what I 
have trouble with is people claiming that $30 is outrageous for 
shipping.  I don't doubt that MM is starting to charge this fee.  But, 
$30 is NOT unreasonable for a shipping charge.  

For those who feel that charging for the shipping, to begin with, is a 
bad idea, think about this:

If just 100 people ask for free samples...at $30 a pop in shipping (not 
to mention the cost of the actual supplies themselves), MM is forking 
over $3000.  And, if you are getting samples for something other than 
their proprietary items (i.e., the Paradigm tubing, etc), they have no 
guarantee that the people will end up ordering supplies from them.  

MM is a large company...the largest of the pump companies.  Smaller 
companies may continue to offer these supplies for free because they 
are more "desparate" to win new business.  Now, MM wants to win new 
business as well...but they also have a HUGE customer base compared to 
other companies, and so "freebies" cost them a LOT more money than for 
other companies.

I'm sorry...I'm just getting REALLY tired of the unfair treatment MM 
gets on these boards.  MOST of the complaints against MM are 
unjustified.  Sure, report your experiences...even negative ones.  But 
PLEASE do NOT unfairly represent MM due to a negative experience.  

I'm NOT, repeat, NOT saying this because my pump company happens to be 
MM.  I would feel just as adament if I saw the same level of attitude 
toward any other company.  
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