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Re: [IP] Re: priming units

> > Several people have posted indicating that it takes nearly 30 units to
> > prime their Paradigm pump, making the actual reservoir use ~150 units.
> > I was curious how anyone is managing to prime out 30 units.  For the
> > 23" tubing, I prime less than 7 units total, and for the 41" tubing, I
> > prime less than 15 units total.  I just don't see how it is even
> > possible to prime 30 units.  (I use QuickSets.)

The 43" tube holds 21+ units. The set itself another 0.6 -1 unit. 
Tightening the drive arms or plunger mechanism (pump dependent) take 
up to 5 units -- that's 27 right there. If the leur lock area is not 
full, that can be up to an additional 10, total 37. Want me to go on? 

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