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Re: : [IP] Minimed samples

>>$30 shipping fee is not unreasonable when you consider that they ship 
what?? and it cost How Much ??
>>I think people are making a mountain out of a molehill here, once 
>>again, because it is MM.  I've gotten nothing but the best service from 
>>MM since I started pumping.

i really glad to see, that you are such a big MM fan, and im extremely
pleased, that you are
so satisfied, with their service

as far as your "thinking"....... that i WILL disagree with it.....

i WAS a potential customer, to the tune of $300.00 plus, a month...
i (and obviously, a few others), were offended, by the $30.00 charge....
i really didnt need an explanation, of "shipping", especially when you
that you pay 5.00 for shipping..... To ME (me.. only me.... just me)
a FREE sample, so i will become a customer, means FREE... should
i pay, the SHIPPING COST ? im ok.......Do i expect it the next day... i
think not.....

if it cost $30.00, to ship a few sets,
i know of a cheap bridge, between two boroughs in New York.... interested

different people have different experiences..... i find it hard to
how i read post like "that didnt happen to me, are you sure it happed to you
(i gave up drugs, a long time ago..... so im not imaginin' it)
or "I think, you FEELINGS are incorrect, because i happen to feel

i feel that it is wrong, to complain, for no reason, but ill pick on who i
when i want, if I (me,   just me..... not anyone else), feel it is

End Of Story
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