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Re: [IP] Shipping rates

Ryan, why don't you call MM and see if you can get a kind of set besides
what you now use without any shipping charges?  You might find that the
policy has changed.  Maybe not, and maybe it depends on who you happen
to get on the phone that day.  But either way, is it a good policy that
you have to call several times until you get a person willing to send
them to you without a charge? 

BTW, the last sample sets I got from MM were before they instituted the
shipping fee and have a packing slip dated 4/14/03, and they were
shipped to me by "USPS, normal". I still have the packing slip for these
two sample sets, so they do have other ways to ship stuff if they wanted
to. I have no clue how long it took to get two sets from CA to MI, but
by the US Mail normal, it sure wasn't overnight.

If these are the responses that people are getting from MM, it's not
knocking the company to state what they were told, any more than it is
to say that people are knocking Disetronic when they talking about how
they can't ship pumps to the US right now.  Telling your experiences are
what a list is for, I though.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> I just checked the Fedex website for shipping rates on next-day 
> service..
>.So, PLEASE stop picking on MM!!!!!
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