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[IP] RE: Battling overnight problem

>I am battling an overnight problem and would like to hear about others'

Personally, I like the Minimed Continuous Glucose Monitoring System,
CGMS.  I was lucky enough to use one on several occasions for the 3 to 4
day time period and then recently I was able to borrow one for two weeks
(max data it can store) and I changed its site myself.

Some do not like it because it is not instant.  The CGMS is a bit bigger
than the pump and it shows no information on what your bg's are while
you were it.  Typically one wears it for three days (start on Monday am,
take off sometime Thursday and read) and then takes it back to their
doctor who downloads the data to a PC and then can print graphs of bg's
on a particular day or one graph of all days with a different color ink
for each day.  I entered my bg's into the machine every few hours when
awake to ensure that I knew it was correlating to what my meter thought
my bg's were.  It was able to show me that my bg's at night were low and
I needed to lower my nighttime basal rate.  It was also easy to see on
one occasion a real bounce.  The pain of the system is that it requires
a lot of work on your part.  You must enter a number 1, 2, 3, or 4, when
you eat, or exercise, etc.  The times when you enter these numbers are
marked on the bg graph with different symbols.  So you also need a log
of what you did or ate, so that you can tell if the insulin you gave
covered that meal well.  If you use a minimed pump the machine that
reads the cgms data can read the 508's data.  I am not sure if it is
able to read the paradigm, as the connects do not look like they match
up.  However having a log of all boluses as well as a graph of bg's can
be quite enlightening.

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