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Re: [IP] 30-unit prime...try again

Ryan, i have a Paradigm and use the both the 23 and 43" sets. I like to
wear the pump on my belt
on my left side. SOOOOOO when the set is on the left side i use a 23" set,
and when its
on the right i use a 43" set.  Both are 9MM.

Anyway, the prime for the fro the 23 is about 6.5, and for the 43" is
roughly 13.5,
i watch the for these numbers and check the canula to make sure it has
indeed primed.


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>Okay, everyone go side-tracked from my original question because of my 
>typo of putting a 5-unit fixed prime instead of .5-unit. :-)
>So, I'll try again.
>Several people have posted indicating that it takes nearly 30 units to 
>prime their Paradigm pump, making the actual reservoir use ~150 units.  
>I was curious how anyone is managing to prime out 30 units.  For the 
>23" tubing, I prime less than 7 units total, and for the 41" tubing, I 
>prime less than 15 units total.  I just don't see how it is even 
>possible to prime 30 units.  (I use QuickSets.)
>On the Paradigm, you can overfill the reservoir as well prior to 
>priming so that you can have >170 units after priming, if you're 
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: