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RE: [IP] bolusing for pizza

Thanks Kathy this helps a lot.

i was told to take 75% of my bolus and square the 25%. I don't recall
anyone mentioning
that i was supposed to count the grams of fat and square for that.

I understand what you said, bolus for the carbs at whatever ratio you
should, and then
separately count the fat grams and use the same ratio and square that over
a period of
time YMMV.

I agree when your out its a real guess. I havn't had any pizza since i've
been on the 
pump, i'll try some real soon.

Thanks you again,


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>Hi Jim B.
>Replying to your question about how to square wave bolus.
>Don't know which pump you are working with.  I have a MM 507C.
>Ok, say I'm eating a piece of pizza with mozzarella and it's 25 gr of carbs
>and 9 gr. of fat.
>I will deliver my insulin for the 25 gr of carbs at a 1/13 ratio and then
>square wave for 4 hours for the 9 gr. of fat at 1.4 at a 1/13 ratio.
>Same instance for planters dried peanuts.  If I eat a serving, there are
>only 6 gr of carbs but 13 gr. of fat.  I will enter the bolus for the 6 gr.
>of fat and square wave my dosage over a 4 hr. period of time.
>I generally use the same insulin to carb ration for carbs as for fat and it
>works for me.
>Sometimes you have to play with the numbers and time factor to get it right.
>For me, my insulin takes longer to go through my system so I usually square
>wave fats for 4 hours...
>It does become difficult when you are eating out somewhere to get it down
>right because there are no nutritional lists for you...in that case, I try
>one thing and check 4 hrs later and if I'm still a little high, do a
>correction bolus.
>Hope this helps you.
>Kathy B.
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