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[IP] One month of pumping today

I thought I'd send an update to the group.

Today is One Month Pumping Day and here are some of the results so far.

Average weekly BG before pumping was over 10(over 180) with 15% in
control range while on NPH and NovoRapid for meals ( same as your
NovoLog), lots of lows and highs.

After one week of pumping, average down to 8.7(157) with 55% in control
range on NovoRapid with only one low and a few highs above 180.

After two weeks, average down to 7.0(126) still about 55% control and a
couple lows.

After three weeks, average of 7.2(130) and 59% control, one low.

After four complete weeks ( as of last night ) average is 7.1(128) with
63% control and no lows to report in the last week.

Love my Animas IR1000, and the service out of the Montreal office is


Michel J. Boucher email @ redacted 


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