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[IP] Re:Dtron+ and support

 Disetronic has always provided excellent A+++++ service to me over the last 4
1/2 years. Whether it be in purchasing monthly supplies or the purchase of my
H-TronPlus V100 or D-TronPlus systems. I was informed that Disetronic will have
no problem in servicing customers' needs with regards to supplies and/or
replacement pumps if needed. Letter will be going out to existing customers I'm

 I am saddened that Disetronic has been shut out of the US market for the next
few months and the the FDA has has gone to such great lengths. Keep n mind that
Dsetronic pumps are still available throughout the rest of the world.

 Working in Big Pharma, I know 1st hand that the FDA weilds a large, and
sometimes indiscriminate stick. The smallest detail of paperwork error can bring
their wrath down. I surely hope that the issues are minor and that DIsetronic
re-enters the market whole again, with new and innovatve products. Seeing how
the D-TronPlus was simply an upgraded D-Tron; their next gen product surely
should have cleaned the clock of many competitors in terms of features,
functionality, and form factor.
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