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[IP] Re: Deltec tries to capitalize on Disetronic mess

"This is really interesting because last week when I called Disetronic to
find out from them if the D-Tron would even be an option for my son (we are
in the process of getting his first pump) she referred me to Deltec - even
gave me the 800# and a spree about what a good pump it was!"

 Not too surprising though. Deltec is based in the Minneapolis-St.Paul Area,
same as Disetronic USA.

 That news group message I posted stated that many of thir Reps have already
gone over to Deltec being that there is no point of staying since no pumps will
be sold in the US during the next 6-12 months anyway. I'm sure some of their HQ
staff have left as well; they have families to feed, and I'm sure Deltec could
have really used their experience.

 Whoever told you to call up Deltec I'm sure has friends there now, and what
better way to help stabilize their ship.
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