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RE: [IP] bolusing for pizza

Hi Jim B.

Replying to your question about how to square wave bolus.

Don't know which pump you are working with.  I have a MM 507C.

Ok, say I'm eating a piece of pizza with mozzarella and it's 25 gr of carbs
and 9 gr. of fat.

I will deliver my insulin for the 25 gr of carbs at a 1/13 ratio and then
square wave for 4 hours for the 9 gr. of fat at 1.4 at a 1/13 ratio.

Same instance for planters dried peanuts.  If I eat a serving, there are
only 6 gr of carbs but 13 gr. of fat.  I will enter the bolus for the 6 gr.
of fat and square wave my dosage over a 4 hr. period of time.

I generally use the same insulin to carb ration for carbs as for fat and it
works for me.

Sometimes you have to play with the numbers and time factor to get it right.

For me, my insulin takes longer to go through my system so I usually square
wave fats for 4 hours...

It does become difficult when you are eating out somewhere to get it down
right because there are no nutritional lists for you...in that case, I try
one thing and check 4 hrs later and if I'm still a little high, do a
correction bolus.

Hope this helps you.

Kathy B.
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