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RE: [IP] Retinapothy question, trying not to panic

Hi Karen,

I suffered with three years of proliferate retinopathy and three years worth
of laser, total of 37 in both eyes and not knowing whether I would be left
totally blind or half blind.  Was left half blind so I can deal.

Throughout that whole ordeal, lots of times after laser, I wouldn't be able
to see and my vision was very hazy.  Other times, I would come home from a
treatment and lay down and wake up to blood in the eye and then it was a
trip right back to the doctor's office for him to check it out.

Most of the times, the bleeding was a result of the laser and the blood
would seep back into the eye.

One time before I left for Washington DC with a car full of 5 girl scouts, I
went to see the dr. to get clearance for the trip and on the day before we
were supposed to come home, I bent down to pick up a piece of paper and my
right eye bled right in the good part of my vision.  I called the dr. and he
told me to sleep practically sitting up but I still had to drive home with
one half good eye and my son sitting in the passenger seat as my right eye.
We prayed our way back home.  After that, I wasn't allowed to drive any long
distance without another licensed driver with me.

You mentioned lots of vacations.  Are you flying or driving?  if you are
flying, you definitely shouldn't be doing that as the pressure can cause
your eyes to bleed as well...and I would be surprised if your doctor didn't
warn you about that.

We made several trips back and forth from Newark NJ to FL via the train
because I couldn't fly.  When I finally got the go ahead, I was scared stiff
that my eyes were going to bleed again.

This all started in 1990 and went through 1993 and thankfully I haven't had
any episodes since then and am now free to only see specialist once every
nine months!!!

Hang in there and keep the faith!  Even though the laser helps you to lose
vision, it also helps to keep the good vision.

My doctor and his staff couldn't believe that I was having so many problems
with my eyes and that it took three years for it to finally stop.

Good luck and stay calm and relaxed.

Kathy B.
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