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[IP] International Travel

 I also travel a lot - between the east coast and Japan, and then between Japan
and Australia. During the night, when my rates are relatively stable and don't
change much, is when I change the time on my pump to the arriving country. For
instance, I leave the East coast, and it takes 12 - 13 hours to arrive "home" in
Japan. During the "night" judging by departure time, while on the plane, I turn
the pump to the arrival time in the courtry where I am going, i.e. Japan. When I
get off the plane, it is daytime, and my pump is on daytime rates. Australia is
one hour off Japan time, so again, I adjust during the night, and when I arrive,
I am right on time. Did the same thing pre-pump, except in Japan, had to run
into ladies room in the A.M. and inject my normal daytime rate of NPH. You can
do it! Think about where you are going to end up, and prepare for the landing. I
can give you lots of tips; send me e-mail off list to avoid "clogging." Regards,
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