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RE: [IP] Deltec tries to capitalize on Disetronic mess

My personal opinion is like everyone elses..  its my own.

When I was at a diabetic camp last year we had 1 kid on the pump.  she had 
an error right before swimming and I looked up the error in the book and 
all it said to do was call support.

So I called support..

All the person kept saying was "THATS NOT AN ERROR CODE"  So I told her I 
would read exactly what was on the screen..  she repeated "THATS NOT AN 
ERROR"  All along I was getting that annoying BEEPING.  lol

She never help figure out what I could do to reset the pump or even to set 
it up to run.  and she got very annoyed when I told her I could not release 
the childs name and address to her.

I repeated what the pump error screen said and all she did was hang up on me.

I for one was turned off by that company.

When people ask me about pumps I give them all the info on all the 
pumps..  When they ask my opinion or my experiences with the pumps or 
companies I tell them..

Then again this is how I get my opinions.  ;-)

email @ redacted

Subject: RE: [IP] Deltec tries to capitalize on Disetronic mess

I'm certainly glad I went with Animas when I couldn't get a D-Tron
Plus....at least they have some class about them, unlike Deltec......just my
personal opinion here.

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