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RE: [IP] Re: Time changes w/ pump

I travel a lot.  If the time zone change is more than 2 hours, after a
day or so away from home, I adjust the time on my pump to the new time
zone and this seems to help me keep my bg's in line.


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Hi Katie

I was wondering about the same thing since we will be traveling to South
Africa in December. The time difference between Seattle, where we live,
and South Africa is 10 hours!

Anyway, I have read an article in the Clinical Diabetes that was kind of
good. It did not have a lot of things with regards to insulin pumping ,
but maybe you would find some other helpful information.

Go to www.clinical.diabetesjournals.org
and type in the author's name: Manju Chandran
the title of the article is: Have Insulin, Will Fly: Diabetes Management
during air travel and time zone adjustment strategies.

I have to confess though that have traveled 3 times to South Africa the
last five years on MDI and have not packed two blood glucose monitors,
all the carbohydrate stuff and other things they recommend. Usually I
would test my bg's very often and adjust my insulin doses accordingly.

Hope you have a wonderful time!

diagnosed 1982, with a Cozmo that has not pumped 1 unit yet because the
pump trainer can only see me in mid August.
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