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[IP] Deltec tries to capitalize on Disetronic mess

If you visit their website....a popup loads with the following message below.
All I have to say is....I'm speechless:

Attention Disetronic Insulin Pump Customers:
Whether you are an existing Disetronic insulin pump user or were waiting for a
new one when the FDA initiated an embargo on Disetronic insulin pumps entering
the United States, Deltec is here to help you.

Only the Deltec CozmoT Insulin pump offers:

  a.. Bolus by grams of carbohydrate for consistent insulin dosing

  b.. Correction bolus with insulin on board for accurate and safe insulin

  c.. Meal bolus alert to keep insulin therapy on track

  d.. Blood glucose test reminder for effective data management

  e.. Site change reminder

  f.. Personalization with customer meal bolus options and temporary rates for
freedom to match every person's lifestyle
Don't settle for old technology when you can purchase a Deltec CozmoT insulin
pump with the newest and most advanced features on the market today. Call
Deltec customer service at 1-800-826-9703 and ask about our special program.
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