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[IP] RE: Retinopathy question, trying not to panic

Unfortunately, once you have been through a few of these, you know the
routine.  It is scary, and it always depresses me but the truth is if you
cannot see out, the eye Dr. cannot see in.  So the usual routine is to wait
until things at least get a little more clear, and then have them dilate the
eye and decide what to do.

Mine have always managed to clear up, but in one eye I get what I call "Quick
sand."  Thousands of speckles, that take awhile to go and then when they are
gone my vision is back to 20/20. I have had these take from two to maybe six
months to clear up.

However, my right eye bleeds differently.  It bleeds a bit and then clears up
very very quickly.  So YMMV in either eye.

I do not lift heavy things much anymore, and I try very hard not to bend over
very far or very long. The little buggers break open a lot.  The whole deal
is, try not to be afraid, they have good ways to take care of you and try not
to put any stress on that eye--weight lifting is a no no!

Hope you are doing better soon.
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