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Re: [IP] Time changes w/ pump

>You will want to change the time on your pump so that the basals correspond
>to the correct time of day.  Just wait until you are at your destination and
>then do the change.

I will have to argue with this...

if you are one of those people, who experience "dawn -phenomena", you 
insulin dosage increases
at dawn (duh).... if you were to travel.

lest just say, thats 8:00...and you live in EST....

now, you travel to California... when i get there, it is 8:00 am...
(you body thinks that its noon, which, in the east, it is)...

it you now set your pump, to the local time, you WOULD once again, getting 
the additional insulin, that you get,
at 8:00 am.... so.... tough you may want to SET to the Local time, you do 
want to deal, with this, and any other situations, affected by YOUR BODIES 
time of day...
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